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Bits / 2019 / Gold Medal Release Blam (project and documentation)


blam is a BlitzMax rebuild of another of my tools, BlitzBuild. BlitzBuild is a command-line build tool for BlitzPlus and Blitz2D, whereas blam is aimed at BlitzMax developers. It’s not as powerful as Make, but I use it for every BlitzMax project.

For 2019 I’d like to release the updated version and source, along with documentation on how to use it. Documentation is an area I struggle with, so I’m trying to focus on making it easier to create and update.

Goal steps

Write a readme with usage instructions

Create a roadmap

Put everything on github

Write updated documentation

Publish on sodaware.net

Automate release packaging

Automate project page content

Automate documentation building


Bronze Medal Put all source code on GitHub
Silver Medal Release the project on sodaware.net
Gold Medal Automate the entire release process