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Personal Development Blogs List

A list of personal development blogs. If you'd like to be added to the list, either leave a comment on this post, or send an email using the contact form.

Sites are sorted by Alexa rank.

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Last Updated
November 27, 2022

favicon for Lifehacker Lifehacker #4,317
Tips and Downloads for getting things done.
favicon for Lifehack Lifehack #8,532
Your daily digest on productivity and life improvements
favicon for Tiny Buddha Tiny Buddha #60,513
Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives
favicon for My Wife Quit Her Job My Wife Quit Her Job #112,602
Building Wealth and Entrepeneurship When Your Spouse Wants To Quit.
favicon for Zen Habits Zen Habits #116,193
Finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives.
favicon for Pick The Brain Pick The Brain #118,620
Motivation and Self Improvement
favicon for Scott H Young Scott H Young #124,693
How to get more from life
favicon for The Positivity Blog The Positivity Blog #139,173
Happiness & Awesomeness Tips That Work In Real Life.
favicon for Dumb Little Man Dumb Little Man #156,081
Tips for life
favicon for Marc and Angel Hack Life Marc and Angel Hack Life #187,054
Practical Tips for Productive Living.
favicon for GTD Times GTD Times #266,689
The Hub for All Things GTD
favicon for Steve Pavlina Steve Pavlina #307,246
Personal development for smart people
favicon for Daring to Live Fully Daring to Live Fully #310,565
Live the Length and Width of Your Life.
favicon for Asian Efficiency Asian Efficiency #331,971
Time Management and Productivity
favicon for Making Business Matter Making Business Matter #501,629
A soft skills training provider with an award winning blog. They have created a number of free guides to help people in many areas.
favicon for Early To Rise Early To Rise #519,676
The Web's Most Popular Newsletter
favicon for The Four Hour Work Week The Four Hour Work Week #521,741
Experiments in Lifestyle Design
favicon for Flipping Heck Flipping Heck #609,982
Learning to be productive one day at a time.
favicon for Steven Aitchison Steven Aitchison #726,958
Change your thoughts — to change your life
favicon for Unclutterer Unclutterer #984,051
Daily tips on how to organize your home and office.
favicon for David Seah David Seah #1,412,568
Exploring Dreams, Actions and Excellence
favicon for Good Life Zen Good Life Zen #1,436,680
Practical Inspiration for a Happier Life
favicon for Josh Medeski Josh Medeski #1,508,046
Homepage of Josh Medeski
favicon for Sacha Chua Sacha Chua #1,576,107
Living an Awesome Life
favicon for Amy Lynn Andrews Amy Lynn Andrews #1,808,001
Learn how to blog simply, minimally & successfully.
favicon for 43 Folders 43 Folders #1,929,019
Merlin Mann's website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.
favicon for Thinking Directions Thinking Directions #2,244,700
You're in the right place if you want to own your time so you can spend it on what matters most.
favicon for The Daily Mind The Daily Mind #2,392,628
Eastern wisdom to make the daily grind more meaningful.
favicon for public voit public voit #2,445,026
Homepage of Karl Voit.
favicon for Think Simple Now Think Simple Now #3,374,295
A Moment of Clarity
favicon for minimal.plan minimal.plan #3,973,190
This blog is all about tips to stop procrastinating (most of the time) and to (finally) get your life together.
favicon for Dragos Roua Dragos Roua #5,976,141
On Living A Better Life, Screwing It Up, And Everything In Between
favicon for Unlimited Choice Unlimited Choice #6,249,194
The Ultimate Guide to Living Consciously
favicon for LifeDev LifeDev #8,420,169
Helping Creative People Create
favicon for Love.Live. Love.Live. #8,761,515
Lisa Lundy's Life Coaching Website
favicon for Inspiration Bites Inspiration Bites #9,992,183
Inspiration Bites is a place for you to come for a feast of inspiration, motivation, positivity and uplifting content.
favicon for The Homepage of Phil Newton The Homepage of Phil Newton N/A
A pragmatic approach to getting things done.
favicon for Advanced Life Skills Advanced Life Skills N/A
Strategies for Positive Change
favicon for Life Snips Life Snips N/A
Lifestyle Tips, Tricks and Advice
favicon for Derek Sivers Derek Sivers N/A
Entrepreneur, programmer, avid student of life. I make useful things, and share what I learn.
favicon for The Happiness Project The Happiness Project N/A
My Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life.
favicon for Measured Me Measured Me N/A
My humble attempts to quantify life
favicon for My Year of Data My Year of Data N/A
A year-long experiment in health and self-measurement.
favicon for I Want to Improve Myself I Want to Improve Myself N/A
A blog aimed at helping people improve themselves in every way - financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
favicon for Pinch of Attitude Pinch of Attitude N/A
Coaching you to improve self-esteem and develop strong self-confidence to build your dream life with practical ideas and suggestions.