Affirmations - Week One

It's been a week since I started using daily positive affirmations, and I'm seeing some interesting results so far.

There's definitely been a positive effect. I've been in a few negative situations over the past week, and when my usual reaction of feeling down started, my affirmations kicked in and I booted out the offending thoughts. It was certainly an uplifting experience.

If you've ever heard of the "Law of Belief", you'll probably recognise what's happening. The Law of Belief postulates that people behave in a manner consistent with their beliefs. It's a simple principle that can have powerful results, but most people only ever experience the negative effects.

For example, if you sit on your own, slouch down and say to yourself "I'm such a failure", then that's exactly what you'll be! Having this negative belief will do you no good at all, and will only help to reinforce your feelings.

The good news is that you can choose to believe whatever you want, and that is a very powerful tool for personal development. Affirmations will help you reinforce positive beliefs, and banish those limiting negative beliefs.

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But I can't! has an interesting article entitled "But I can't…"

How often each day do you tell yourself, or others, you can't do something? Is it true? How do you know you can't? What if you're limiting yourself without knowing it? What if you're lying to save face or avoid embarrassment?

This is one of things I hope to overcome with the use of positive affirmations. I don't expect to notice any large changes just yet, but I'm quietly confident that they will have a positive effect on my life. "I can't" is simply a negative affirmation, and one I intend to ditch for good.

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